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1984 Syzygy and somniloquy
as part of solo piano recitals
in New York City, Los Angeles & Menlo Park
performer: David Morrow
1998 'Where the mountain crosses...' I-III
'Where the mountain crosses...' IV-VI
'Where the mountain crosses...' 3rd movement

('I cross the mountains into the light of the sea')
(Songs of the *Papago) *now the Tohono O'odham
musicians: David Morrow and Ian van Rensburg
Badehaus II, Bad Nauheim
*CD is produced from the recordings
2006 'Where the mountain crosses...' I-III and Ricercar
piano: David Morrow
concert series: Podium Westend
performance: Bettinaschule, Frankfurt
2007 'Where the mountain crosses...' I-II
Bergwelten excerpts
an Dante (from RAUM X)
piano: Patricia von Blumröder
performance: Nebbienischen Gartenhaus, Frankfurt