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1982-1988 - NEW YORK
(works for piano)

1982 Syzygy ballet in 4 party
1984 somniloquy (short piece)
1986 The Fishermen and his Wife (with narrator)
(from Brother's Grimm)

In the Beginning (piano prepared)
1987 Earth Piece (piano, Chin. fl, perc)

Relax one act ballet (piano suite)

1988-1989 - DARMSTADT (New York)
(chamber works & piano inside) 

1988 Nijinsky's Dreams full-length ballet
(pno, vln, cello, soprano, perc.)
1989 3 Short pieces (for mostly inside the piano)
Feast of Wolves two-act ballet
(vln, cello, pno)
(inspired from the texts of various native American tribes)

The girl deserted by her jealous companions sings
solo flute and voice- for one performer
(derivation Feast of Wolves)

1990-2001 - FRANKFURT am MAIN
(diverse compositions)
1985-90 running to the edge of the world song cycle
(pno, fl, bari, perc)
(texts from various indigenous groups in the world)
1991 Othello's lament
(vln, cello & pno.) adapt. from Feast of Wolves
1992-93 'Where the mountain crosses...' I-III piano solo (inside-outside)
(Songs of the *Papago) *now the Tohono O'odham
1993-94 'Where the mountain crosses...' IV-VI violin solo
1994 Death's first snows are drifting on my cheek'
orchestration of Othello.
1996 Where the mountain crosses...' 3rd movement
(pno w/mallets and vln)
('I cross the mountains into the light of the sea')
1998 Where the mountain crosses...' Part I
(2 soli vln, vla, pno.)
('I wandered where my mind and my heart seemed
to be lost' )
I-VI x
1999 an atonal aton's not a sonata solo violin sonata
(quarter- tone system)
2000-01 Puppenpassion
*based on the Passions of J.S.Bach
(harmonium, harpsichord, perc, chorus)
2001 INITIUM: AETHERIUS ORBES ET VIVESCO piano solo (w/mallets)
Woolf Phrase 2 full-length ballet
w/William Forsythe (pno, e.pno, tubular bells)
2002-2012 - FRANKFURT am MAIN
(diverse compositions)
2002 SONATON violin solo
(adapt. of anatonal aton's not a sonata)
2003 DECREATION full-length ballet
e.piano solo
Ricercar one-act ballet
(variations on the 'Ricercar a 6' from J.S.Bach)
solo acoustic piano
2005 3 Atmospheric Studies (Parts 1 and 2 w/ Thom Willems)
e.piano solo
Das Lied vom Meer full-length ballet
(pno, e.pno, voice, samples, perc)
Clouds after Cranach Part 2
midi-keyboard w/ software instruments
2006 Mein Bach one-act ballet
orchestral software instruments w/J.S.Bach
Bergwelten full-length ballet
live acoustic pno w/sample mix
(adapt. from
'Where the mountain crosses … and others)
2007 Fivefold one-act ballet
live midi software composition

Ricercar (Hellerau) one-act ballet
(extreme reduction) piano solo
RAUM X installation
orch. software mix w/ acoustic pno and vln
2008 Yes We Can't full-length ballet
w/ Dietrich Krüger & Niels Lanz
(acoust. pno & software loops)
2009 Fürchtet euch nicht full-length ballet
inspired from the film 'Stalker' of Andrei Tarkovsky
(software instr. w/ acoustic samples
-incl.*freesound and duduk rec.)

In the Outer Zone
reduced version of Fürchtet euch nicht (no text)
Various Variations installation
software instr, pno,*freesound samples
(with elements from
Nijinsky's Dreams)
2010 Penelope full-length theater-piece
-from the play of Leonora Carrington
(acoustic piano and percussion w/ *freesound samples)

Yes We Can't (Barcelona version)
solo acoustic piano with/ extensive
Ricercar (Hellerau) extrapolations
2011 Rearray
(complete re-working of sketches from Fivefold)
orchestral software instruments
2012 Libretto (ein Skizzenbuch) full-length dance-theater piece
Live and recorded piano, live midi keyboard, *freesound samples, adapted and original vocals and text.
Supplement: Yiddish Ragtime collage from 1910