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Your connection to the universes of William Forsythe,
the Tohono O'odham and Freesound !


Tanzfonds Erbe
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Paula Rosolen
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Luzerner Theater
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Theater Dortmund
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Hochschule Stuttgart
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Frankfurt Lab
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Dominik Mentzos
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Frank Reinecke
- www.trixel-planet.de
New Link with description: Frank Reinecke has been intently drawing a 20 meter long transparent roll inspired, in part, from the complete recording of ‘Where the mountain crosses...’ (1998) and the culture of the Tohono O’odham. Hopefully, an opportunity will arise to display Frank’s monumental work in conjunction my music !


Sylvie Guillem
- www.sylvieguillem.com

Festspielhaus Hellerau
- www.hellerau.org

Tohono O'odham
- www.tonation-nsn.gov
I first became acquainted with the people and the culture of the Tohono O’odham in 1986 when I set the Tohono song ‘By the Sandy Water I Breathe the Odor of the Sea’ to my own melody (sung by Ander Zabala in 2005). I have never ceased to be inspired by their acute perception of the world around them. I wish to express my thanks for their existence and for any assistance which they have offered me in my search for a deeper understanding of their people.

New England Conservatory
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Sadler's Wells
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- www.freesound.org