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Financial Times

9. July 2011
by Clement Crisp
... In this new Rearray he places Guillem and Le Riche on a bare and mysteriously shadowed stage. David Morrow’s score establishes a succinct sound-world that Forsythe uses as the basis for a series of solos and encounters that have the economy of haikus – incidents and studies that emerge into the light and then are absorbed by the darkness – and which boast that resonance of imagery which is the haiku’s identity. ...

The Guardian

7. July 2011
by Judith Mackrell
... Forsythe's Rearray is a duet for Guillem and her former Paris Opera partner Nicolas Le Riche. It's a deliberately unstarry piece, with harsh lighting and David Morrow's score sounding spare and remote. Yet the austerity focuses an atmosphere of laboratory intentness on stage as two great dancers scrutinise the possibilities of their shared classical vocabulary. ...

The New York Times

7. July 2011
by Rosalyn Silkas
... These allusions to history — personal and balletic — permeate the 13 fragmented sections of “Rearray.” Pas de deux and solos, both delicate and propulsive, offer the elegant, evanescent tracery of bodies in space. The sections are separated by fading light or stark blackouts, showing us brief tableaus in which the dancers seem to explore their own relationship with ballet. ...

The Arts Desk

7. July 2011
by Ismene Brown
... The music by David Morrow caresses the gloom plaintively, brushes it with feathery strings, soft horn calls, a lightness of being, which Guillem so embodies. Her attention to detail is beguilingly subtle: for example, in a parallel gesture of arm and leg outwards, she unfurls her arm like silk in air, while in her thigh and knee she traps an ounce or two of resistance, as if drawing the movement in water. They catch each otherʼs phrases, Le Riche turning her trails of phosphorescence into earthier power surges. ...

A Mingled Yarn (LINK)

7. July 2011
... The first piece, Rearray, choreographed by William Forsythe, was set to a bare, stripped back composition by David Morrow. Fascinating and challenging, it explores the relationship between contemporary and classical ballet. ...

The Observer

10. July 2011
by Luke Jennings
... The best comes first. Rearray, by Forsythe, has been created for Guillem and Parisian star Nicolas Le Riche, who is 40 next year. Set to a score by American composer David Morrow, the piece sees the pair engage and disengage in a complex and unceasing interplay of forms. ...

The New York Times

9. October 2009
by Roslyn Sulcas (Love as a Battlefield, or Playground)
... The sound environment is equally complex. Piano music, composed and played onstage by David Morrow, is a fragmented accompaniment to the action, but so are the voices of the dancers - often electronically distorted into high-pitched squeals or a gravelly horror-movie bass; occasionally soaring into operatic song; frequently forming keening, amplified accompaniment to their movement.